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Alejandro Carvalho, CFP®

Alejandro Carvalho is a CFP® professional and the founder of Planning Trail Investments, husband to a wonderful and patient wife, and father to an adorable daughter. Alex is a transplant from Lima, Peru, who came to the US to go to college, ending his studies at the University of Denver with a Master of Science in Finance. Previously, he earned an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Lima, in Peru, and an MBA from Emporia State University. 

After 14 years as a Financial Analyst, first, for a Fortune 500 firm, and thereafter, for a German conglomerate, Alex decided to focus his energy on serving families and individuals he can relate to, rather than shareholders and executives he never met. 

His beginnings in the financial advisory sector were in the brokerage industry, where he worked for four years. However, Alex’s desire to focus solely on his clients and provide solutions developed with their best interest at hand became a priority and the motivation to start Planning Trail Investments.
Alejandro (Alex) lives in Lawrence, Kansas (just west of Kansas City) with his wife Jade and daughter Athena. He believes in giving back to his community and in living a life of purpose.


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